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Yes. Well...
So, I've got about 15 notebooks full of stuff, and I'm going to try and dump them into here.

If it says Rough, I mean it. :P

June 2006
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You know something? My mom is an awesome storyteller. My brothers and I have the best time reconstructing some of the stories she told us while we were waiting as kids. There was a lot of waiting while we were growing up. I think the most memorable stories happened while we were waiting for Dad to get off work at the phone company. Mim would pull ideas from the ads and signs around her and ask us questions and then tell us a story. There was the story of “Wallie-wallie Watermelon,” “Winnie the Pooh and the Rootbeer Tree,” and a couple of retellings of Alice in Wonderland and a ::lot:: of balloons that I remember the best. Mim says she doesn't remember most of them as she was just trying to keep us quiet. :) And then there were Dad's bedtime stories about Triangle Town and the 101 Flavored Baskin-Robbins building where each floor was a different flavor. LOL, and this is why I am so creative. :D

When Sam and I were little, we were lucky enough to have the knack of entertaining ourselves. We made towns and cities out of blocks and then played King Kong and King Kong Sally and destroyed them. When Michael was old enough to wan to play too, we let him be King Kong College Kid because he didn't want to be a baby and we were used to looking up to the college kids that baby-sat for us. Sam and Mike and I pretty much were our own muses for most of our early years. We moved around enough to not have had any lasting friendships and we very infrequently had a tv, so we depended on blocks, legos, matchbox cars and vivid imaginations as our entertainment. I'm grateful for having a creative childhood now, as I've become quite capable of entertaining myself. it does makes me a bit intolerant of people who demand that I entertain them, but I'm also able to come up with things for others to do as well as myself.

Which brings me to the me-ness that is Junks, Deeks and Projects. A Junk is a quickie entertainment of mine. They usually involve a new craft material or a space of un-entertained time, such as Fimo clay, masking tape and banquet napkins. I've made several dolls out of banquet napkins and quite a few little people out of fimo and masking tape. Oh, and once I got fascinated with unbending paperclips and bending them into other little creatures and hotglueing gems and beads and google eyes to them. :)

A Project is a much larger endeavor that requires planning, a workspace and financial resources. My Wall Windows and Website are among my Projects as well as the stonework plans I have and my comics. Some of my Junks become Projects when I figure out a way to duplicate a Junk and actually use it for something. A lot of my Junks become wall art and knick-knacks. A Junk that is unduplicateable and a sentimental one of a kind thing is called a Deek, after a little bear that mim made from using a cookie cutter as a pattern and sewing a tiny little sanrio-like doll out of muslin. It was so cute and so unreproducible. I named it Deek because that was the sound of it's voice when I made it walk.

So, now that I'm rambling off the original subject, I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead and continue this reminiscing in late postie-posts. I'm going to bed now. Zzz....

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I've been thinking about the power of memories lately. There are a lot of memories that I would rather not remember, and a lot that I wish I remembered more of. I get the feeling that most of my memories are not that nice, and I don't really feel like dwelling on the not nice at the moment, so I'm going to think about some of the good memories I have.

One of my most vivid memories is of a time when I was a toddler and living in an apartment building in Racine, WI. One night, there was a tornado warning and Mim and Dad brought Sam and I down to the lobby. I can still see the black and red checked carpet and the old fashioned lamps on the cream walls. Dad held me and showed me the storm going on outside the glass doors in the front of the lobby. He said, “Look, that's a tornado!” I distinctly remember looking through the doors and what I saw was this: A tanker truck of some sort drove by at the time dad said that, and I saw little men wearing pointed red hats dancing on top of the trailer. It took me until almost fourth grade to discover that that those men were not called tornadoes. I kid thee not. They were also wearing yellow pants and red jackets and having a hell of a good time.

When we lived in Florida, I was pre-school. We lived in an apartment in Pompano Beach that faced a swimming pool and had miniature palm trees along the drive out front. I had a friend there named Joey. I remember playing with a Fisher-Price Sesame Street house with him under the mini trees. We played outside a lot and did a lot of running. The most complete memory of FL was the time Joey and I were running around the pool playing chase. I was chasing Joey and he ran into his apartment and slammed the door right before I caught him. Of course my toe was in the door frame at the time and the door caught my toe under it. I screamed and Mim came out and tried to open the door from this side and Joey's mom tried from her side and I was panicking. And so, when my toe was finally released and both mom's deemed it unbroken and minorly hurt, mim took me home and made me a nest of blankets and pillows and some soup because I was a sickie and didn't need to be walking around. After I got over the fact that my toe had been caught, I was quite happy with the attention and pretended that I was Big Bird in my nest and listened to mim's stories.

A few time spans and several moves both inter- and intra-state later, we were living in LaCrosse, WI in the old Stoddard Hotel. I must have been 5 or so and just a short while before I was kindergarten age. Michael had been born, so we had moved back from FL by then. I don't know the story about why we were living in an old hotel, but we were.

There was a fire one night caused by a man smoking in bed. If I remember correctly, mim said that the fire took out one of the floors above us, but didn't damage where we were living. The alarms went off late at night and Dad carried Sam down the stairs, while Mim took Michael and I followed. We had to take the stairs, obviously, as the elevators were unsafe. I don't remember much else about that night other than the walls were white and the handrails had been painted the same color as the walls. I was very tired and sleepy and was none too cooperative, but I shut up after Mim and Dad started arguing. It was not a fun night.

Funny thing about that hotel, though. A couple years later, I believe I was in kindergarten, they tore the whole place down. Mim and Dad brought us down to watch the demolition. I remember that I was wearing a orange and white dress and I thought I looked rather pretty. LOL. It was quite awesome to watch the wrecking ball hit the building and then watch it fall down. It just so happened that there had been a very large colony of bats that lived in the unused portions of the place and when the building fell, they flew out and away in a black mass. There were so many of them that it blacked out the sun for several minutes. From what I heard, their displacement caused a whole lot of problems in the city for several years. I'll bet, though, that the tennis racket sales were at an all time high!

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a little list of things I was afraid of when I was little and not sleeping...

*cheshire cat
*frogs with teeth
*dolls with knives
*boney hands
*cat bones
*grinning skulls
*little furry things with teeth
*smiling bugs
*oozing puddles in my closet
*razors on wheels
*brush mulchers
*holes in anything
*bright lights
*night lights
*covers that were too small

yeah, I know I've not been updating recently. but I ::have:: been working on things. I've done several sketches for the "Dreams" and "Five for Silver" stories as well as a significant amount of work on the scripts which I'll get posted eventually. I'm trying to get a system worked out for a daily/weekly routine, but that's something I've been working on for years, so I don't expect anything to come of it any time soon. :/

::but:: at least I *am* still working on my projects, so yeah. I'll update enmasse as soon as I get this financial crap out of the way and get my act back together..

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Here's a fleshing out of my current non-writing project lists.

- stone, clay and plaster
** work on getting stone tools
** clean up one of the rooms in the basement and make it a small studio. Add flourescent grow lights and plants. Put in a work table and lockable cabinets for tools and such. Get a big 30 gallon trash bin and bags. Make wall curtains to deaden sound.
** look for ceramic classes in the area. see if I can start a fund for a small electric kiln.
- metals
** find out where the local scrap yards are. Work on buying tools. set up a separate area in the above work room.
** brainstorm for ideas and sketch them in the green sketchbook.
** find books on metalworking and start a section in my "library"
** do mostly jewelry for now and get the silver chain materials first. Write the list for them in my shopping notebook.
- mixed media
** work on project lists
- furniture, wall hangings and quilt patterns
** velvet curtains, velvet futon cover, painted floor cloth, window panes to hang on the walls. paintings and mirrors for the walls, wall curtains and tapestries, grow lights for my room.
- costumes and clothing
** get designs and supply lists organized and in one place in my shopping notebook. make a swatch board and size sheet readily available.
** work on getting the supplies and fabrics needed for making that corset pattern.
** work on gettting a definate color scheme and style down.
** start in renfest costumes in January.

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hmm... can we say it's obvious the time of year this was written in? :P

One for sorrow, Two for mirth,
Three for marriage, Four for birth,
Five for silver, Six for gold,
Seven for a secret never to be told.
Eight for a wish, Nine for a kiss,
and Ten for a time of joyous bliss.


Alice in Wonderland in a contemporary setting.
Bradbury/Tanith Lee settings and sensibilities

Dark Angels and the Virgin Mary - ::not:: biblical, more gothic horror than religious. Religion for the sake of decoration.

atypical suspense victim. How would a truly strange soul react to an interdimensional kidnapping.

Much black, white and grey. Muted colors.

werescorpions and werebats are guides through a haunted landscape. The watering hole for locals is a coffee/tea house. residents are fairly normal looking, but obviously, nothing is as it seems.

--stereotypically speaking, goth girl meets anarchist boy. both have assumed roles and react differently to the new surroundings.

--the meeting doesn't happen until GG is halfway through her story

--AB is in the next dream - he is the current dreamer

--AB chooses to stay in GG's world (to which she has been brought after having been taken from her own). He becomes a werebat to continue with OG as a thread throughout the following dream sequences.

GG and AB are reoccurring characters.

ok, now for the rest:

Working title - 'Five for Silver'

This is the story of GG's journey and transformation from disillusioned teen to self assured mistress of her own domain. For her, it is part nightmare, part wish fulfillment. She finds her brainmate in AB and they decide to figure out their predicaments as a team. In this realm, she is Mistress Nightmare and he is Strange Boy. They are both were and discover that they are able to travel the WorldWeb in that alternate form.

AB is a dark Peter Pan and GG is a kind of Wendy. call them Windy Moore and Tim Graves.

Tim is a patternmaker, and so has an innate in-touchnness with the land around him and discovers his powers of creation and destruction rather abruptly when he first enters the realm.

Windy is a worldwalker- she cannot change the worlds she walks through, but she can find doorways and pathways and can guide wanderers to their beginning or destination.

the initial story surrounds the counting rhyme and a loose allusion to the Virgin Mary.

-- One for sorrow - pregnancy
-- Two for mirth - escape
-- Three for marriage - capture
-- Four for birth - release

a story about a genetic company's illegal and secret experiments on children through pregnancy drugs. --Mary is one of the children involved/born from the initial experiments. She becomes "miraculously" pregnant at the age of 15 and runs away from her family to a convent. In a prayer garden there, she meets Windy who walks with her through a door into Windy's domain as Mistress Nightmare.

Mary is barely showing, but the time spent in Windy's domain affects the soul-shape of the child, who has already been affected physically by the gen corp's experiments.

The Corp, her family and the Church are seeking her in the "real" world and Mary goes back to discover the truth about her condition, background and medical history.

-- She is pregnant for the whole arc and is only freed from strangeness after she gives birth to an angel and a demon - identical twins whom are given to the Nightmare domain to be raised. the Dark Angel is rather cynical and sarcastic and the Bright Demon is overly optimistic. They grow up in an old and mysterious house and one day each rule over a half of the Nightmare domain - they answer to Windy, but pretty much have autonomy over their areas.

The Bright Demon is sensitive and emotional foremost, and cares about the hurt and broken creatures that are sent to his domain. The Dark Angel is intelligent and critical and takes great pride in creating puzzles and challenges for the obstinate sorts sent to his.


Windy has always been Mistress of the Nightmare land, but she is also a woman in the "real" world who travels as she dreams. Her adventure starts as she is kidnapped and escapes by finding/creating a doorway into the domain. after that, there is an Alice in Wonderland type adventure where she seeks out the Head House in the domain and the Twins who live there. The closer she gets to the house, the more she remembers abouut her dreaming life, and the more beings she meets. She meets the were-scorpian at the start of her journey and Tim halfway through. She met Mary in a dream.


I'm thinking... have one story start with Tim waking up and how he returns to the Nightmare land, probably by being mugged and placed in a coma. His character is a ghost in the other domain, but as a patternmaker he has control over his surroundings.


* plan threads and decide how they should be woven into the whole.
* outline and figure out a small conclusion
* Design a 4 story arc
* Do some preliminary sketches.

Title.. 'Five for Silver" ?


I also forgot to add that there are black birds that follow Windy around through her domain and there is also a nexus between the world where the Tree in the Desert is visible and physical in this world. the birds come from here and are the messengers of the woman who lives below it, the Patternmaker's mother.

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Caterwauling: Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows

Ok. here's where I'm putting my idea banks. hopefully something will come out of it, so... we'll see what we see....

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