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janey jane
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Yes. Well...
So, I've got about 15 notebooks full of stuff, and I'm going to try and dump them into here.

If it says Rough, I mean it. :P

June 2006
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Root Thing Fodder

Birth - Vine, Eli and Poghrah Dalen

Carapace - Black gleaming; a sea of carapaces with eyes

Gelatinous Mass - Gell medium

Bones under the skin

Baby in the scull cavity

Cesarean with teeth (tied to hold in)

Stone Baby

Walking stick with hands - 5 bugladies finished

Cleaved RT

Root Thing Prey/Hunter dynamics

Medical Theater w/ Bugs and RT's

Multiple Eyes - Work on a Spider Beast

Mummified Child in Roots - Roots growing through him
5 year old lost child remains - Host/Changeling
Burst chest cavity

Mixing humans in w/ RT bones

Hunters living in a human - (initial Birth thought)

Goblins with feeding tubes hooked to a parasite on their backs

Pregnant RT w/ a knapsack of bones on her back

Bones of a dead couple and child

What happens when a Hunter dies?
Camouflage leprosy - a peeling away of layers

Elementals - Earth Air Fire Water Spirit (Western)

Grumpy Gus is: workingworking
Caterwauling: wumpscut - Christfuck
DW Audio Ficathon

Hello, I apologise for this being completely unrelated to your post, but we would like to know your status for the Doctor Who Big Finish Audio Ficathon. The masterlist has been posted, and we'd like the rest of the fics in as soon as possible.

Thank you!

I love you all!

Make love, not war!