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Yes. Well...
So, I've got about 15 notebooks full of stuff, and I'm going to try and dump them into here.

If it says Rough, I mean it. :P

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Death Rite

Death Rite Written for suibhne_geilt's question: "How would you dispose of my corpse?"

When you die,

I shall skin you and tan your hide with your brains, and use the leather to sew a memory journal with strands of your hair spun with fine wool. I'll make paper using parts of the trees of the ogham and inside will document your life and the adventures that you had. I'll decorate it with oak leaves and crow feathers and beads fired from the clay found at your sacred places.

your entrails will be left in the woods of a certain state park for the carrion animals and your eyes and tongue will be left high on a platform for the crows.

your heart will be buried in a place that you hold dear and I shall eat your liver, knowing that it is a part of you that becomes a part of me.

I will bury you in my dead garden in your backyard (to be cleaned by bugs, beetles and worms and the tomatos, peppers, onions and garlic plants planted above you.) in a year I will dig up your bones and carve fetishes from your fingerbones and fine beads from your ribs and arm bones. (may I use your tools?) Your scull will become a carved offering bowl on my altar and your femurs will make excellent hilts for swords and daggers. your pelvis will be shaped into delicate combs for my hair. (I will hide your teeth in a small, wooden box and keep it on my windowsill.)

the bones and sinew and gristle that I cannot use, I will grind into a fine paste and give back to the garden.

and I'll make salsa from the vegetables that cleaned your bones and serve it with lime flavored tortilla chips and pomegranate guac.

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